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You can also use the configurator in full screen mode 
Bildschirmdrehung Um den Konfigurator richtig zu genießen, bitte automatisches Drehen des Bildschirms aktivieren, Handy drehen und Vollbildmodus anschalten!

Brick by brick – configure your stocubo cube shelf

1. Assemble


Full-depth modules

Click this button to find all of our modules with a depth of 35.6 cm.

Half-depth modules

Here you will find all modules with a depth of 17.8 cm


Click here to find out all the details such as dimensions, weight, volume, or the number of connecting clips on your shelf.

Shuffle design button

stocubo Regal-Konfiguraror

In the left-hand navigation panel we have added a magic button that triggers our unique stocubo random number generator and presents a constant stream of new shelf designs. This not only makes it child's play to be inspired, but also directly changes the suggestion in the configurator and adjusts it to your very personal needs. Let yourself be surprised!


Got a question while all this is going on?

stocubo Regal-Konfiguraror

To get more information, simply move the round button with the question mark onto a module or other element within the Configurator


2. Adjust

Click on one or more modules if you want to make adjustments, delete a cube or rotate. A control panel with all configuration options for the selected module also appears on the right-hand side of the screen. For example, you can change the colour of the module and add or remove slide-in modules, wall mounts or doors.



Use the compass to get back to the camera's starting position.

Group selection Move modules

Click on this button to select several modules and edit or move them all at the same time.


Made a mistake or changed your mind? No problem, just click on this button and the most recent change will be cancelled.


The selected module is rotated by 90°.

The following colours can be selected for our drawers and doors:



RAL: 9010


Dusty grey

RAL: 7037 / Pantone: 423U / NCS: S5000-N


Cashmere grey

RAL:- / Pantone: 406U / NCS: S2005-Y60R


Pistachio green

RAL:- / Pantone: 5527U / NCS: S2005-G20Y


Denim blue

RAL:- / Pantone: 651U / NCS: S3010-R90B


Vanilla yellow

RAL: 1015 / Pantone:- / NCS: S0907-Y10R

3. Done

Satisfied with your shelf?

You now have the option of placing this straight into your shopping cart, saving your design, printing it, or sharing it with your friends.



Use this button to get a link to your design so you can share it with others.


Want to start from the beginning? Then click on this button and all modules are removed.


You can also print out your design and look it over in peace.


Click on this button to save your design and store it in your customer account. You can retrieve and modify it at any time.

Tips for planning your shelf system

 It's easy to plan your modular shelf system yourself with the stocubo Configurator. Please read through our tips so that you can move your shelf later and avoid misunderstandings during planning:

2:1 modules

Long, self-supporting floors and the thickness of the material mean that 2:1 modules can bend a little under heavy loads. They should therefore only be positioned in the upper area of the shelf. Alternatively, in our shop we offer loose intermediate panels or the installation of a fixed central panel as additional support. 2:1 modules are suitable for wall mounting only with small loads.

Record shelves

Square 1:1 modules are highly suited to bearing the heavy weight of vinyl. 2:1 modules, on the other hand, are not designed for heavy loads and should not be included in a record shelf.

Wall mounting

Cubes that are to be mounted on a wall can be hung using the small screw in the options area. The cubes can be hung on the long and short sides using the rail system. Wall mounts are not suitable as anti-tipping devices for stacking shelves.

Highly stacked shelves

Highly stacked shelves can also be attached to the wall with an L-bracket from the hardware store as an anti-tip device – this is only necessary in individual cases with half-depth cubes. Our wall mounts are not suitable as anti-tipping devices for stacking shelves.

Base plates ensure a level standing position

The floor often conceals small height differences. The height-adjustable feet can be used to level out within a range of about 1 cm. We also offer roller plates in the shop.

Connecting clips

The recommended number of clips is automatically calculated during the purchasing process. We recommend two brackets per cube (except for wall mounting).


Our help window explains how to plan your shelf online using our Configurator. Functions such as rotating, placing or removing a cube are shown here. Designs can also be saved, loaded and printed.


When you are satisfied with your shelf design, the individual modules are automatically transferred to the shopping trolley by clicking on "Add to shopping trolley". Here you can expand your planned shelf or go straight to buying.